Sand Blasting vs Soda Blasting

By Grace Sandes|November 17, 2015|Services|

Two most common ways of removing unwanted paint, rust, grease, graffiti, dirt and oil form many surfaces are often from sandblasting or now most commonly soda blasting. In using either one of these techniques to get the proper out come without causing any damage you need to know how these two techniques work.

Sand blasting

In this technique different media like sand, glass beads, plastic beads, or some other medium is shot at high speed unto the surface. This is also called as abrasive media. The kind of material used to blasting the surface depends on the type of surfaces and on how difficult the removal is. That’s why this technique is better for brick cleaning rather than glass cleaning. If you are not sure about the withstand ability of the surface in question then it’s better to stick with media like Walnut shells and Pumice which are soft materials. Glass beads would be the next step. This gives a soft and bright finish to the surface. Aluminum oxide is another media for used here. This is a gentler medium used in this technique and it is long lasting. But the disadvantage of this is disadvantage here you must be careful in disposing of the material after it is used. The newest form of method here is using compact dry ice pellets.

The environmental concerns in this are rather high. For example in using walnut shells leaves a lot of waste which needs to be taken care of. All the techniques here have environmental concerns attached to it which is major disadvantage of sand blasting. Besides this the other major concern form this technique is that it generates a significant amount of heat which is why it can’t be used on soft metals and fiberglass. This is the reason to why sad ablating is now becoming more popular.

Soda blasting

This is used for hard materials like when brick cleaning and it can also be used for more fragile materials like glass and soft metals. Unlike the traditional methods in this technique there is no warping or etching. This is actually a good replacement for steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass. As an added advantage this doesn’t leave any waste that can be of any harm to the environment since the sodium bicarbonate can easily dissolve in water. This automatically cuts off the cleanup time afterwards and also the time taken is also less. Here the soda strips off the paint and the end result it leaves a smooth texture-free finish to the surface. This method is more suitable for soft types of materials since its more gentle procedure. Soda-Tec offers this technique as part of their services. 

Do to these reasons soda blasting is the best technique out of the two. But however, soda cannot perform heavy cleaning like removing heavy rust, corrosion. This media is just not strong enough to lift away them away. In such cases aluminum oxide and glass bead are the right choice of abrasive blasting. So it’s important to evaluate the surface materials and the type of the cleaning that needs to be done before deciding what type of technique should be used.

Safety Regulations That Apply To The Mining Sector

By Grace Sandes|November 13, 2015|Education & Learning|

Those who work in the mining sector need to be made aware of the hazards that are inherent in these jobs. It is indeed one of the most dangerous occupations in the world and workers need to be appraised of the common hazards that they can face and the steps they need to take to avoid or minimize the dangers. For instance, mining in unexplored regions can make one vulnerable to injuries as well as disasters like explosions can occur or cave INS which often causes many workers to lose their lives. For that reason most countries have elaborate safety rules and norms for labor employment in the mining sector.

Laying down of the rules

The labor organizations in states and countries lay down rules for safety of workers in different sectors including the mining sector. Besides lying down of rules and norms, there are inspections that are scheduled by the labor organizations and their respective agencies. The inspections are more frequent in case of underground mines while surface mines are also inspected, but in a less frequent manner. Roof integrity as well as ventilation provision is checked during these inspection tours. Transportation of workers and training programs as necessary like diploma of work health and safety online are other provisions that are looking into by the inspectors.

Penalties for violations

The inspectors are responsible to report violations to the labor department and fines or penalties are levied on the organization that violates the safety norms and workplace practices. In case of mining industry the norms are more stringent and violations can lead to the closure of operations and withdrawal of commercial license as well. For that reason the training programs like diploma of work health and safety online and other safety practices are looked at more seriously.

Response to emergency situations

There often occur explosions and other accidents in mines due to different situations. The mining activity often triggers off explosive gases, which combust or there could occur accidents inside the closed spaces which lead to cave INS and explosions. In all these situations, many people often lose their lives or get hurt. In these situations, investigations are carried out in order to understand whether the accidents could have been prevented or whether any negligence had occurred due to which the accidents had taken place.

Regulation updates

Due to the evolving nature of mining surfaces and risks that lie in underground mining, safety practices and norms are usually revisited and upgraded so that precautions can be stepped up to ensure that workers’ health and safety is maximized in this sector. For that reason, updates from labor organizations are usually circulated to companies in the mining industry and enforcement of the revised norms and policies need to be done and followed as instructed.

Lack Of Communication Related To Emotional Needs And Wants

By Grace Sandes|September 29, 2015|Education|

Relationships require a healthy communication method. Lacking of this causes unnecessary issues that can tear down a relationship. Every individual is unique in their own way. The attitude, behavior and character differ tremendously and if incompatible when it comes to pleasure and intimacy, then it’s time to seek assistance from an expert or professional. So do not hesitate to see a sex therapist.

Sexual dysfunction
Men and women are affected with disorders and many of these are treatable. Lack of desire for sex, painful intercourse and erectile dysfunction are a few of the issues faced in general. If the issues are treatable then why waste time and feel depressed about it? Find a suitable expert who can advise on this.

Lack of intimacy
This indeed could also be aroused by different emotional barriers and conditions. Constructive communication is favorably effective between man and woman. Every individual should be ready to negotiate differences and clearly let the other know about the issues that are being faced. This can always improve the desire of intimacy. Maintaining a healthy emotional bond is relevant to continue an intimate relationship. Letting your partner know that your love is unconditional or complementing the other are key requirements in making your sex life better. We are ignorant of many dos and don’t dos and it’s important to be advised by an experienced professional to keep your intimate relationship alive. Also check this link for relationship counselling.

Gain knowledge and prevent future intimate problems
Lack of awareness seems an issue when it comes to dealing with uncommon occurrences. The therapist will be able to go through many areas that concern marriages and relationships. This in return will be a solution to many problems that we face today. Knowledge is always an asset that maybe useful for us or the others around. Finding the right therapist will enlighten the areas that will prevent you from facing resolvable issues.